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The singer shared a photo of the records of his newborn daughter. He is known as his wife "the true champion" while he assumed the duties of the father. Singer Tyrese and his wife Samanta Lee Gibson welcomed their first boyfriend together - your baby! In an August births article published on Instagram on Instagram, Ur & N's singer said the couple were "humiliated" by the appearance of their granddaughter, Soraya. "My wife could be the real champion, I watched the power of a girl from the start 30 days of training," he writes in the legend. "Thank you very much Christ, we are so humbled by your elegance and really love and prefer." Nevertheless, fans who are planning a photo of the couple's daughter on vacation may have to wait. The proud father then shared: "Can not reveal our angel, my wife did not .. .. Accept you guys !!! The legend of Fortune of the Flabergasted also spoke about his goals for his new child, as well as to thank the fans for their help. "We understand that our little girl has emerged underneath to improve her points," added Tyrese. "We want to thank you and we thank you for your wishes and really love .. We are both excited by our new angel Soraya Lee Gibson and tired! Soraya we will thank you and protect you until you get rid of this planet. " The recently married Gibson announced plans to return in April, revealing that Samantha had learned that she was pregnant with the present cards. Afterwards, the two men discovered the identity of their young daughter, Soraya, shortly after, Samantha composed an authentic concept for Gibson's oldest daughter, Shayla. . Food Recall: FRESH p>

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