Sam Smith will bring the Gloria tour to Phoenix. Here is the date and how to get tickets

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Billy strings' performance at the Austin Moody Center ATX Concerts on may 12, 2023 was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to. His energy and enthusiasm was contagious, and his skill on the guitar was mesmerizing. Every song was performed with passion and precision, and the crowd was enthralled by his playing.
the setlist was carefully selected, and he seamlessly moved between genres and styles, from bluegrass to rock, and even some traditional folk tunes. He also made sure to include some of his own original material, which was well-received by the audience.
the sound was impeccable, and his band was tight and in sync. Every note was crystal clear, and the atmosphere was electric. The band also included some improvisation and jamming, which was a great addition to the show.
Billy Strings is truly a master of his craft, and his show at the Austin Moody Center ATX was a testament to that. It was an incredibly enjoyable and memorable experience, and I would highly recommend seeing him in concert if you ever get the chance.


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