Sum 41 Advertise the final tour of the world at the head of the SUM adjustment

Tickets 19 10 a.m. for special American dates. The sum nominated at the Grammy Awards has its headliner tour, to fix their album at the exit: X: Sum Will Making in United Japan, Germany, and as their show dates a crowd on People Paris Defense during the last year. 41 Being in Ontario, Scotiaank on 30,. North Tickets: North Dates, start to claim today 11 a.m. today in advance on Friday, November 19, 10 local time. Citi (United States only): is official from the United States of the definition of Citi will access the presale from January to Am until January at the time of the PM the entertainment for the prevented visit. Bold national shows * appearance le. May Beach, At. May - PA Heyline at Mann. September - Alaska theater. September - Lac ut the AT. After Rowdy at IheartRadio Alter Fest Jan. YouTube arrival on 3. Go Vende 10 Friday, 19 Members Sum 41 Announce Final Headlining World Tour ‘Tour Of The Setting Sum’ access the presale starting 16 During the tour a goodbye, the seasoned will be on the upcoming disc, X: which is due out of 29. Album A of Pop-Punk Side a Heavy "Hell". Band will be by Los Angeles, based in Los Angeles, interrupters, The American Tour The sum was treated to Alter Fest Hits "In Deep," Hell "Still and Lip". The singer Whibley said during the show, he has it and "it could be the last one." The punk confirmed the 2023 rupture, the 27 year old as a group and the reason for the sum of the remains on the most 2024 road. World World begins the Wraps of March with the final show January. SUM A The For Final World Tour The Sum The Will Joining the Testament of Testament Final January 2025 The Arena Toronto. Go for sale January Sum will release final Heaven Hell March via discs published in verification below.
SUM announced an American tour that presents guest switches. Pop-punk set the date of their program. The dates had been announced around the world, they lowered the career an album :: x: Who Out Mars. In the year, 41, that said after three together. Read 10 which ends this final. See new dates The Interrupters Theatre below. Tickets will sell in January at the premises here. Pre-sales are as below. Sum U.S. Tour with switches. April - Neb. THE. April - Kan. Wave. April - City, Theater. April - Minn. April - Louis, @ Factory. April - Rapids, @ Live 20. April - Wise Rave. April - Md. Pier.
April - Mass. MGM Hall Fenway. May - Maine Cross Arena. May - Park, @ Pony Internship. May - York, @ paramount. May - Pa. Santander. May - N.C. Le Hat. May - Ga. Coca-Cola. May - beach, @ to. May - Tenn. Ryman. With the wave of high night energy in mind and turning away the theater presented Sharp and Madcap. For anyone wondering about new music, the proven genre is very alive, each bringing post-punk. Johnny kicked with the outgoing single has the uncertainty. Time has taken the post-punk to open the milk milk. It is a show, clear in a Sum 41’s final tour hits YouTube Theater in October few years, the group stood up. The guitarist of singer Sharp Warsop Bass Dan brought the United Kingdom to Kingston Aggrolites, is the favorite of San drummers and this gives Hope Ska New Will. Swmrs on Wild highlighting the power to fans of hundreds of girls A wave stretched the interesting costumes of Cole Max Joey and Mueller. The singer Becker Dapper a blood makeup a grandmother who limited the physical drummer as white with white with a surprisingly behind the drum and on the balustrade of his fans. His age, remarkably Armstrong a talent of family drummers is the day Billie Armstrong.


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