In deffence of the emoji: how they are helping us to communicate batter than ever

As the widely panned Emoji Movie awaits its DVD release in time for Christmas, it seems like we’ve reached peak emoji. We can finally say sayonara to smiley yellow faces and anthropomorphic poops that signal the slow demise of civilisation itself.

But it’s too easy to dismiss emojis as the death of language, and the first sign that humans are destined to become a sludge of mindless drones addicted to their smartphones and unable to express themselves without the aid of a few dozen yellow faces. Let’s be real: emojis aren’t the precursor to the four horseman of the apocalypse.

Scientists discover dolphins can speak almost like humans

Dolphins are capable of “highly developed spoken language” which closely resembles human communication, scientists have suggested. While it has long been acknowledged dolphins are of high intelligence and can communicate within a larger pack, their ability to converse with each other individually has been less understood.

But researchers at the Karadag Nature Reserve, Feodosia, Crimea, believe the pulses, clicks and whistles – of up to five “words” – made by dolphins are listened to fully by another before a response is made.


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